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We take pride in our advanced clinical skills and bringing you state-of-the-art eye care technology. We focus on the whole person and giving you the best vision possible!
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Fashionable Eyewear
We carry a full line of styles from the following companies:

Adult Frames:
•  Alain Mikli
•  Bevel
•  Blake Kuwahara
•  Dior
•  Face a Face
•  Flexon
•  Gotti
•  ic!berlin
•  Kio Yamato
•  l.a.Eyeworks
•  Lightec
•  Masunaga
•  Maui Jim
•  Mykita
•  Oakley
•  Oliver Peoples
•  Ray-Ban
•  Robert La Roche
•  Starck
•  Tc Charton
•  Thom Browne
•  Woow
•  Zero G

Kids' Frames:
•  Hello Kitty
•  Miraflex
•  Tomato

We offer the latest in spectacle lens materials such as high index plastic and glass, aspheric lenses and photosensitive lenses. Lens coatings include scratch resistant, antireflection, and ultaviolet. We offer single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses as well as special occupational lens designs. For a full presentation of lens options available, meet with one of our expert opticians. He or she will make helpful suggestions in filling your prescription according to your visual needs.

For many people, the long hours spent viewing a computer screen can lead to eyestrain, blurred vision, tired eyes with burning or dryness, double vision and headaches.

The vision problems related to viewing computer/video display terminals stem from the differences between printed material and the images we see on electronic displays. If you suffer symptoms of eyestrain while viewing a computer screen, clinically-proven help is now available at Mountain View Optometry. Your eyecare provider can help design a prescription for your actual work environment. You will notice the difference in comfort immediately, and eye strain and blurred vision from computer use should become a thing of the past.

Your eyesight and comfort in the work environment are too important to neglect. Ask the staff or doctors at Mountain View Optometry about your options for custom made eyewear for all your visual needs.

Mountain View Optometry Eyewear Designs — Services Price List

SERVICE Eyewear Purchased
at MVO
Eyewear Purchased
Nose Pads Free $10/pair
Screws Free $10/screw
Rimlon Repair Free $25
Pupillary Distance Measurement Free $10
SV – Verification Free $10
SV – Troubleshoot/Adjustment Free $15
MF – Verification Free $20
MF – Troubleshoot/Adjustment Free $25
MVO Glasses Case Free $10
Designer Glasses Case $15 $20
Cloth & Cleaner Kit Free $5
Lens Cleaner Refills Free $5
Ultrasonic Cleaning Free $10/ea

Eyecare Services
Comprehensive Eye Exams
Children's Vision
Special Exam Services
Refractive Surgery
CRT / Orthokeratology
Contact Lenses
Fashionable Eyewear

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